Dispatches from Italy

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Fr. Ron Sibugan, the vocation director for the United States, is in Europe right now, preparing for World Youth Day. Below, he details part of his trip to Italy.  On our fifth day in Rome, we decided to slow down. We also picked up Cameron at the airport in the afternoon. On our sixth day, in the morning, I celebrated Mass in Orsini Chapel… Read More »Dispatches from Italy

Assumption College to Host International Education Congress

  First-ever Congress of Assumptionist Educators will take place July 17-27 on College’s Worcester Campus; Former U.S. Ambassador to Speak WORCESTER, MA (June 30, 2016) — The Venerable Father Emmanuel d’Alzon, founder of the Assumptionists and the Oblate Sisters of the Assumption, was convinced that the best way “to strengthen the flagging spirits and heal the moral fatigue” in his… Read More »Assumption College to Host International Education Congress

Return of the honest men

Check out Bro. Paul Henry’s latest reflection below.      On this special feast day, let’s give some thought to what the Church wants us to understand by the use of the phrase “right religion.” It might mean I’ll have to work on (and convert from) my tendency to fashion the Faith to suit myself. COLLECT (Opening Prayer at Mass… Read More »Return of the honest men

Bro. Daniele on religious life

  “So he set off and went to his father. But while he was still far off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion; he ran and put his arms around him and kissed him.” – Luke 15:20 Yesterday, I made my first vows with the Assumptionists. During the ceremony, I shed real tears of joy for the… Read More »Bro. Daniele on religious life


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Many congratulations to our newly-professed brothers:  Manuel, Roderick, Daniele, and Brian. They’ve officially completed their Philippines-based novitiate and, as you can tell from the picture, are thrilled. May God continue to guide them on their journeys as members of the Assumptionists. And please continue to keep them in your prayers.  

Miracles in Cleveland

And not only because of the Cavaliers’ victory, as Fr. Dennis Gallagher reports below:  As the people of Cleveland prepare to celebrate, at long last, a championship, consider the good work being done at St. Augustine’s parish in the Tremont neighborhood of the city: 1. Center for ministry to the deaf and the blind for the diocese and beyond. All… Read More »Miracles in Cleveland

Bro. Sagar enjoying France

Bro. Sagar Gundiga recently jetted to the City of Lights for the first time. He’ll be spending a portion of the summer there. So far, it looks like he’s having a blast. Check out some of his pictures below.

Frs. Norman and Camillus head to Concord

Retired religious don’t stop having fun. Frs. Norman Meiklejohn and Camillus Thibault recently made the trip to Concord, MA., which, along with nearby Lexington, is where the American Revolutionary War began. Denise Osborn, a driver and companion for elderly Assumptionists, managed to snap some pictures of their travels. Check them out below.

Embrace the blues

American Catholics — and everyone, really — should never be afraid of the blues. No, I don’t mean depression or sadness, although that’s true, too. Rather, I’m talking about what the critic Albert Murray called “affirmation, which is to say, reaffirmation and continuity in the face of adversity.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the blues is a genre of music, often… Read More »Embrace the blues

A note of congratulations

The Assumptionist family wishes to congratulate John McGlynn and Bro. Michael Carter, SSE, two residents of the Assumptionist Center in Brighton who graduated from Boston College Monday. McGlynn pursued graduate studies in business, while Carter pursued graduate studies in theology. 

Scenes from graduation

Emmanuel House and Old English weren’t the only Assumptionist communities on hand during Saturday’s commencement exercises. Check out some pictures below.

Introducing Fr. Simon

  My name is Simon Njuguna, an Assumptionist from Kenya. Since I joined the Assumptionists as a candidate in 1997, I have been rotating between our communities in Kenya (Nairobi) and Tanzania (Arusha). I joined the Assumptionists after being in the diocesan seminary for some years. At some point I felt that my vocation was more inclined to religious life… Read More »Introducing Fr. Simon

Boston University hosts memorial for Fr. Machozi

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Boston University held a memorial for Fr. Machozi Tuesday that featured members of the Assumptionist family, the BU School of Theology, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, and many others. Mark Brown, a lay Assumptionist who attended the service, has graciously let us use the pictures he took. You can find them below. 

Wisdom from Bro. Daniele

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Here’s an update from Bro. Daniele: Every once in a while, the Lord reminds me of a truth that I’ve struggled to embrace: He loves the simple, the humble, the pure of heart. I have a habit of getting caught up in my own head, thinking that holiness is always perfection, that I forget to simply, and humbly come to… Read More »Wisdom from Bro. Daniele

Return of the honest men

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Bro. Paul Henry is back with a new series. Enjoy.    It’s time once again to give a listen to imperfect voices – vocalists who are rough-edged and strained (for the most part), and who have stories to tell of the hard ways we travel through sin, suffering, and pain. If you’re looking for sweet voices and happy-clappy willful positivity,… Read More »Return of the honest men

“Calvary” and the meaning of sainthood

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I’d imagine many people think of saints as these incredibly pious, perfect people. They’re Dana Carvey’s obnoxious church lady writ large, tut-tutting everyone at every opportunity. But that’s not the case. They were and are often troubled people, prone to fits of anger or sadness, and sometimes, before their conversions or reversions, they did horrible things. Consider Paul, for instance.… Read More »“Calvary” and the meaning of sainthood

Wisdom from CatholicTV’s Rev. Bob Reed and Pope Francis

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Members of the Augustinians of the Assumption, as well as its communications and vocations team, recently attended a conference in Watertown called “Co-Workers in the Vineyard,” meant to offer tips for evangelization, especially in the age of new media. The Rev. Bob Reed, president of the CatholicTV Network, gave one of the keynote addresses. His was on a familiar topic:  Pope… Read More »Wisdom from CatholicTV’s Rev. Bob Reed and Pope Francis

Profs. Bart Morrison and Eric Drouart had a great experience in Nairobi

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    Bart Morrison and Eric Drouart, two professors from Assumption College’s Business Studies Department, recently held a strategic-planning meeting with members of the Institut Supérieur Emmanuel d’Alzon de Butembo, or ISEAB, community in Nairobi, Kenya. ISEAB, like Assumption College, is an Assumptionist institution of higher education. Both Morrison and Drouart came away from their time in Nairobi inspired and… Read More »Profs. Bart Morrison and Eric Drouart had a great experience in Nairobi

Fr. Roger and poetry

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  I was inducted into poetry by Fr. Robert Fortin back in the days of Cassadaga, New York, when I was seventeen years old. We read Gerard Manley Hopkins and I was hooked: I caught this morning morning’s minion, kingdom of daylight’s dauphin, dapple-dáwn-drawn Falcon, in his riding Of the rólling level úndernéath him steady áir, and stríding High there, how… Read More »Fr. Roger and poetry