Becoming an Assumptionist

To live from Christ at the Assumption !

Surely, in most of our societies, to choose to give one’s life to God in religious life or by becoming a priest, is not considered something possible. Many are the forces that aim to discourage he or she who would dare to contemplate this possibility; society today offers so many possibilities which seem more promising, more respectful of the individual’s freedom!
But is it really certain that true freedom is always where society urges?
In the footsteps of those who have preceded us at the Assumption, we have wagered all our life in the search for God, a humble search which is lived out daily and which pushes us to meet all men and women today, even, and at times especially, the least among them.
By choosing to put God first in our life, we find a profound happiness and the freedom of the children of God. This happiness, this freedom is what we want to share with all our contemporaries.
Perhaps religious life at the Assumption might be for you also a way of life and of joy? Crazy idea? But take the time to consider it!
Pleasant journey !