Miracles in Cleveland


And not only because of the Cavaliers’ victory, as Fr. Dennis Gallagher reports below: 

As the people of Cleveland prepare to celebrate, at long last, a championship, consider the good work being done at St. Augustine’s parish in the Tremont neighborhood of the city:

1. Center for ministry to the deaf and the blind for the diocese and beyond. All Masses signed.

2. Hunger ministry: serving three meals a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. At Christmas and Thanksgiving, they coordinate the serving of 13,000 meals.

3. Seven 12 step meetings per week.

Fr. Joe McNulty has been overseeing this outpouring of pastoral care for 41 years. His sidekick, Sister Corita, has been there for 44 years.

It was a privilege to see this in action, “where miracles happen,” as my companion for the weekend called the place.