The Adventure of Religious Life


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The above comes from a great book by Albert Dilanni, SM, called, unsurprisingly, “Religious Life as Adventure.” Check out this passage from the introduction:

A member of my religious community, a close friend and a poet by nature, once remarked that we would not see an increase in religious vocations until religious life was once again experienced as a spiritual adventure. We must once again be swept up in a dream, spurred by a vision and a quest, listen to a message spoken in the deep reaches of our heart. This alone will revive the fearlessness, the will to commit ourselves for life and never look back. (Religious Life as Adventure, ix.) 

It’s true. As one of our incoming candidates, Azam Ali, says, religious life is, in many ways,  like starring in your own action movie. It’s about heading into the deep.

In any case, it’s something to think about, as you discern what your vocation might be.