Who We Are


Our is a mission without borders

Centered in Jesus Christ and responsive to the needs of the time, we, the Assumptionists in the United States, are men of prayer and study living in fraternal community. Committing ourselves to collaborative leadership and formation in the Church, we teach, preach, and foster education in all its forms. Impelled by the spirit of our founder, Father Emmanuel d’Alzon,”we go wherever God is threatened in man and man is threatened as image of God” (Rule of Life 4).

Our very reason for being, as Assumptionists, is to be found in our motto: Thy Kingdom Come.

-Father Emmanuel d’Alzon

Assumptionists are members of the Augustinians of the Assumption, an international Catholic religious community of men in over 30 counties.

We are dedicated to bringing about the Kingdom of God, within us and around us.

In the United States, we sponsor Assumption College and are involved in various apostolates. We minister and serve collaboratively with lay women and men, who are drawn to our mission.

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