World Youth Day with the Assumptionists

Dear Friends in Christ,

In August 2023, all roads will seem to lead to Lisbon for World Youth Day, a gathering of young people all over the world with the Pope. Exciting isn’t it? But if you are like me, I would be scared because it feels like entering a big dance hall— beautiful and nice—but you really don’t know anyone enough to dance with. This is why I would like you to consider joining our Assumption Youth Pilgrimage group as a delegate, volunteer or sponsor to the World Youth Day happening in Lisbon.

So, if this is convincing enough, let’s go to the details.


Elche, Spain

Elche, Spain

Signing-up means that you’ll join our D.I.A. (Days in the Assumption), a pre-WYD gathering, in Elche (Alicante), Spain. Think of it as entering a smaller dance hall with better chances of dancing with some you know. Pilgrims like you will have a chance to be welcomed and received in friendship in a community sponsored by the global family of the Augustinians of the Assumption, Religious of the Assumption, and Oblates of the Assumption. There will be several prayer opportunities during these days. Of course, there will be a chance to discover the local church of Elche, Alicante in Spain, share the richness and diversity of different cultures with one another, and participate in a mission activity together.


We will take the bus for a day of prayer at the Fatima Shrine in Portugal, the site of our Lady’s miraculous apparition to a group of young people with a message of God’s grace and mercy.

You can read more about what will happen in Lisbon during the World Youth Day 2023 activities. Yes, it is not just a day but a week-long roster of activities that include catechesis, cultural presentations, liturgical celebrations and culminates with a Mass presided by Pope Francis. If you are a registered volunteer, you will get a special audience with the Pope at the end of the festivities. For me, what I find interesting is that this year’s catechesis will be different as it will be done using the “synodal” method at the request of Pope Francis.

The journey does not end in Lisbon. In fact, with your journey home you will probably feel physically exhausted but spiritually renewed. When I first joined WYD several years ago, I have grown to love the Church, gone deeper with my relationship with God and neighbor, and have actually started discerning God’s personal invitation in my life. I expect the same things this time around for you and perhaps even better because you know a few more “dance steps” through the Assumption.

Visit our World Youth Day site for all of the details: