Return of the honest men

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Bro. Paul Henry is back with a new series. Enjoy. 



It’s time once again to give a listen to imperfect voices – vocalists who are rough-edged and strained (for the most part), and who have stories to tell of the hard ways we travel through sin, suffering, and pain. If you’re looking for sweet voices and happy-clappy willful positivity, you probably don’t want to click on the videos in these posts. But if you’re feeling somewhat uneasy about yourself and wearied by life and are looking for clues to help you understand both a little more, then you might find some insight and refreshment by sharing in these honest appraisals of the human condition.

Let’s get started. This one comes from the first collaboration of Bob Dylan with Daniel Lanois. You might not like the quality of Dylan’s voice in this song, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone to phrase it as he does and deliver it with the irony that gives the song its true meaning. (Great pics of his Bobness, too.)


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